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About Deer Ridge Bed and Breakfast

Twenty years ago, two Lutheran ministers, Linda and Peter Kruse, began dreaming of a retreat center where peace and tranquility could be shared with those in need of respite from the stressors of life. Their search came to bear fruit when they began traveling to Athens, Ohio to visit their daughter at Ohio University. They fell in love with the charm of the hills and valleys of Athens County and its commitment to honoring the land and promoting “home grown” hospitality and commerce.

An eighty-acre site of wood, creek, and meadow soon called to them as the place to build their dream. Linda named the place Deer Ridge due to the gentle presence of the deer that inhabit the area.

A large lodge of cedar log now adorns the brow of the hill that leads to the central meadow, where Linda and Peter have created the spot for tranquility and peace they had dreamt of: A bed & breakfast close enough to town so the unique nature of Athens is in easy reach. Far enough from town to make for a serene getaway.

This tranquil country inn is accented by the Kruses’ love for the history of the place (a former coal mine, race track for Midget cars and a hunting ground), the area (first university in the Northwest territory, one of the first towns in Ohio, Underground Railroad hub in Albany), and Ohio history, as well as their appreciation of the gifts local artisans and merchants bring to Athens county and southeast Ohio.

Peter and Linda are joined by their daughters Addy, an OU grad, and Joy, a student at Bryn Mawr College, and LOTS of cats (don’t worry they are outside). Linda and the girls are born and bred ‘buckeyes’ and Peter hails from northern Germany. Our family is looking forward to serving you. And, Ohio University guests? Staying with us connects you with the ‘local flavor’ and supports the local vendors.

History of Deer Ridge

This land that Deer Ridge Bed and Breakfast sits upon has had ‘many lives’. Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, and long before the first log was ever placed upon its foundation, this land served as hunting grounds for the indigenous peoples. In the 1800’s, the nearby roads served as a main thoroughfare for the Underground Railroad.  In the 1930’s, coal was discovered and it became a strip mine. Ripped of its nutrients, the land found a new purpose in the 1950’s housing Buck’s Racing grounds where King Midget cars (made in Athens) would race. People from all over the nation would converge on this little plot of land to enjoy some top-notch racing. Then for 40 years the grounds returned to nature while the occasional hunter enjoyed its splendor. It is not uncommon to see deer, wild turkeys, pheasant and, yes an occasional bobcat, bear or mountain lion, roaming the meadow. But, it is most noted for the watercolor of native flowers and butterflies.

Note: We are smoke-free due to staff allergies.

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