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“Oh, the weather outside maybe frightful, but the fire(pit) is so delightful”… or so goes my rendition of this favorite carol.  As someone who appreciates, looks forward to and prepares for the change of seasons, I find myself in a bit of a quandary this first week of December 2021.  

Instead of cozying up in front of a nice warm fireplace and enjoying a steaming cup of hot cocoa with an extra dollop of whipped cream (as I am accustomed to doing this time of year), I am sitting on my deck in 63F weather enjoying a nice cold lemonade, as I prepare to hang the Christmas lights.  ‘Just wait until next week’, the forecasters tell me.  Now, I know my friends in the southern states are snickering at me wondering what all the fuss is about.

I do remember one Christmas Eve when my husband and I were living in North Dakota.  A massive blizzard hit the area stranding motorists in their tracks.  We, as newcomers, didn’t know you could cancel church and so we held services where the majority of the participants were the stranded motorists seeking refuge.  We prepared sandwiches, hot beverages and blankets for our unexpected guests and passed the time singing carols and reminiscing of Christmases past.

I must confess, I have had this reoccurring dream for our bed and breakfast as well.  Inclement weather strands motorists and, being so close to the highway US50, they are directed to our cozy lodging.  We assure our guests that they will be well cared for and no need to worry; we have plenty of food, a fireplace with plenty of wood and a generator should we lose power.

We greet them (as with all our guests) with some hot coffee and cocoa and direct them to our spacious living room decked out in warm holiday decor.  After they have had some time to adjust, we ask them about their holiday plans and what they were most looking forward to doing.  Then a plate of fresh baked cookies courtesy of Insomnia Cookies is brought out and the conversation changes to favorite holiday foods.

The evening continues, with some excusing themselves for a restful nap or a soak in the tub.  Athens Monopoly(T) board game is spied and we use it to share with our guests the local attractions inviting them to return to Athens and enjoy a Lavender latte at Donkey Coffee or sustainably crafted beer at Jackie-Os.  We lose track of time (and the weather) and eventually all are snuggled in their beds for a long winters’ nap.

Morning greets them with the smell of locally sourced, freshly ground, Buckeye Breakfast Buzz, complements of Silver Bridge Coffee company in Athens.  Then, thick cut smoked cherrywood bacon bought at the Athens Farmers Market permeates the air.  Slowly, our guests ascend from their celestial havens to be greeted by an amish treat, homemade garlic cheddar biscuits and maple sausage gravy.  It is accompanied by fresh canned Maple Cinnamon peaches also bought at the Athens Farmers Market.  They eat their fill, then relax in one of the many comfy chairs.  Not one person asks about the weather conditions.

Well, whether it’s a freak winter storm or a light dusting of snow, Deer Ridge B & B is an ideal setting to ‘escape the cold’.  Do you find yourself alone this holiday?  Come, let us offer you some holiday cheer.  And don’t forget New Years Eve!  Toast the night away at one our local wineries or breweries or bring a bottle back to the inn for a more private celebration.  Let us be the destination for your post-Christmas retreat or a girls nite out.  The coffee pot is brewing, the cookies are baking and your bed is awaiting.  May the joy of the holidays bring you happiness, health and rest as we hope to see you in the coming year!


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