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Becoming a Masterpiece

There is a very old Tibetan saying: “Our life becomes a masterpiece when you learn to master peace” or in Christian thought: when one “knows the Master of Peace”. Now many have claimed to author this quote, but the reality is no one truly knows where it originated. It is one of those sayings that was meant to lead one into a deeper understanding of themselves, and, in turn, the world around them.

I think this quote is an excellent New Year’s resolution: to become a masterpiece; more of my ‘authentic self’. In the coming year, I will be moving to a new city, Athens Ohio, making new friends (but keeping the old .. well, most of them – you’re included, of course). I will be creating a new identity for myself within the confines of this new community.

I will have to relearn where to shop for food, what doctor, vet, mechanic to go to; what do people do for fun around here and “who do I avoid” to keep my sanity intact. For a short period of time (I hope), I will be a stranger in a strange land and just the thought of it seems overwhelming.

But, as our saying suggests, “the key to ‘creating peace’ in the world around you is by getting in touch with the peace that is found within”. I think we can all agree that our world, currently, is experiencing a state of ‘unrest’, especially not knowing what tomorrow may bring. And, though we may not be able to control much of what is around us, we can find ways to ‘make life more bearable’ by addressing the space within us.

Some use music to retreat from the ‘noise’; others art. Still others center themselves through prayer and meditation. Each one has to find their own pathway to serenity. Just know that it is OK to take some time for yourself; to get in touch with who you truly are and want to be. I believe it is an essential part of being truly human. Who better to define who you truly are, than YOU!

Deer Ridge Bed and Breakfast is an excellent resource to help one discover the peace lingering within. Our rooms were specifically designed to foster a sense of restfulness, quiet, calm and comfort and our guests seem to agree. We have on staff qualified and licensed spiritual directors that can either serve as a sounding board or help one in the development of discovery. Our bookshelves are lined with resources from various sources to encourage further reflection. Our surroundings with its rolling hills, dense covered forests and plentiful wildlife bleed peace and serenity.

Starting in 2023, individuals can register for retreats featuring topics such as the Enneagram, A Night with Jane Austen and The Art of Tai Chi, just to name a few. Check back on our Facebook and Instagram for further information. We would love to help you create your own retreat, whether individually or as a small group.

We all seem to be lingering for a sense of peace, even if it is just momentary. Let us make this New Year’s resolution: to learn to “master the peace” within us. Until next time… stay safe, be well and May God watch over you.

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